Effective May 10, 2015 the FAFSA PIN has been replaced by the FSA (Federal Student Aid) ID. The FSA ID consists of a username and password that allows you to access Federal Student Aid websites in order to view information specific to yourself and sign electronic documents and applications.

If you previously had a FAFSA PIN, you can link your previous PIN to your new FSA ID. This allows you to use your FSA ID immediately. If you never had a FAFSA PIN, you can use your FSA ID right away to sign the FAFSA, but you will have to wait as long as 3 business days for the Social Security Administration to verify your information before you can use your FSA ID for other purposes.

Who needs an FSA ID? If you are applying for financial aid then you will need an FSA ID. You can sign up for one anytime, you don't have to wait until you begin the financial aid process. If you are a parent of a dependent student you must have your own separate FSA in order to sign your child's FAFSA.

Once you have an FSA ID you can use it to complete the FAFSA, sign student loan documents, sign TEACH Grant documents, and much more! This is possible through Single Sign On, which allows you to access many different federal websites with the same login credentials. Not only is this convenient, but it is more secure than maintaining multiple usernames and passwords.

Why was this change made? Previously in order to access a Federal Student Aid website you had to enter your Social Security Number each time you logged in. Most modern websites have updated their login methods to avoid asking for a Social Security Number each time since this is not considered secure. This change has brought the family of Federal Student Aid websites into compliance with modern security plans.

Ready to create your FSA ID? Click here for instructions.